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Christians from Mid-Devon running FUN events for primary school children for FREE

Updated 7th July 2021

Children may attend only one of the two events.

Forms must be received by Friday 27th August please.

Smartphone users please see below.

See below if you prefer a printed form.

On-line Registration will take you to our form hosted with JotForm.

Jotform gives you the option to create a Jotform for yourself, You do not have to.

Why Register?

Personal contact details might be used for the following reasons:

  1.  If we need to contact you regarding the children before or during the event
  2.  To advise you of future similar events we think may interest you

You may find you are unable advance beyond the GP details.

Try rotating your phone to get a wide (landscape) view and then

scroll down below the GP details to the ‘Next Page’ button.

This is not an issue with a Tablet, Laptop or PC.

Printed Form

If you prefer to send us a printed form

please download our PDF version.

Forms must be received no later than Friday 27th August please.

Witheridge On-Line Registration Form 

Smartphone users

PDF Registration Form Witheridge

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Morchard On-Line Registration Form  PDF Registration Form Morchard

Free Child Registration